We are excited to offer you the first luxury party bus experience in the Watertown and surrounding communities.

We do not just hire any regular driver off the street here at Mobile Party Express. We take care to hire professional drivers who are not only there to drive you, but to serve you with anything you might need to make your evening go as smoothly as possible. All of our drivers that we interview go through a strict screening process with many different tests, and we in turn select the best out of them. They are all drug tested and have background checks as well as driving record checks, so you can be assured that your driver is a legitimate professional with years of pertinent experience in driving. All of our drivers are equipped with GPS units to make sure its easy for you to get to your destination. They're able to provide recommendations on where to go if you're unsure, as they know the Watertown and surrounding areas like the back of their hands!


Who We Are